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Translations Quality Management in Korea


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Having graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in China Studies, Sociology, Abbie first joined ELITE ASIA in 2013 as a part-timer, before eventually becoming a full-time Project Executive in 2014.

As a Project Executive, Abbie’s meticulousness has helped her tremendously in her work, which requires her to proofread and monitor the quality of the translation work done by various translators, and provide feedback on translator’s work performance as well. Her cheerful personality also helps in her liaising and forming of effective work relationships with translators when matching them to the various translation projects, based on client’s requirements. Efficient and resourceful, Abbie is most definitely a much treasured addition to ELITE ASIA’S Project Management Team.

  Translations Quality Management in KOREA

In her free time, Abbie enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, catching up over lunch and dinner in quaint cafes or restaurants.

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TRANSLATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT in Korea is a key part for a professional company to control the quality of the work. It covers almost every aspect in translation process, including translator selection, translation memory technology, proofreading and editing process. TRANSLATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT in Korea is a standard to evaluate a well-established translation company. If clients contact with translators in the free market directly, chances are that they will face a series of risks, such as the quality of translation if the translator is unable to meet the deadline and so on. Hence, engaging a professional translation agency could easily avoid these risks, since we have policies being executed.

Here at Elite Asia, we have our professional production team to undertake the TRANSLATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT in Korea for every translation project. We will carefully cater for the needs of our clients and ensure that the final translation can help our clients effectively. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our TRANSLATION QUALITY MANAGEMENT in Korea at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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