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Charmaine, a Monash University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in International Studies, as well as a minor in Marketing & Communications, is the latest addition to our team in Malaysia, focusing mainly on interpretation sales.

Her overseas experience as an exchange student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States have groomed her into an independent person with a can-do attitude and an excellent knack for communicating and interacting with people from all around the world, despite the cultural differences.

As a Malaysian Chinese, Charmaine is capable of conversing in more than 3 diverse languages such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. Furthermore, with her fervent passion for languages, she is motivated and has since established plans for her picking up of new languages within the next few years.

  Simultaneous Interpreters in Korea

To Charmaine, language and communication are never a barrier, but an advantage to help her, as a Account Executive of ELITE ASIA, to build and sustain quality and strong rapport with translators, interpreters as well as our valuable clients. As an independent, yet mature thinker, Charmaine is driven by success and strongly believes in working effectively and efficiently to achieve her goals, and thus making her a strong asset of Elite Translations Korea, further propelling us in our progressive expansion within the region.

For more information on how our service can benefit your business, do drop us a note via our web form or call us at our office at +65 6681 6717 today.

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SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS in Korea play an important part in international conferences and forums. Simultaneous interpretation takes shorter time in conferences as compared to consecutive interpretation. SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS speak at the same time with speakers. Therefore, simultaneous interpretation is considered to be one of the most demanding and difficult jobs in the field of languages. At present, qualified SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS in Korea are largely needed in the current market, due to the fact that it takes great effort and resources to foster a good interpreter. They must have the following qualifications:

  ● They must have excellent language speaking and listening skills in both source and target languages.
  ● They must think critically and be fast when the speaker is talking in order to catch up with the speaker.
  ● They must be fully prepared before the conference, so that they are familiar with the terminology and fixed expressions that are involved during the conference.

Since simultaneous interpretation is usually applied on formal international occasions, the capacity of SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS matters and even influence the quality of the activity. Here at Elite Asia, our talent management team can find the most qualified SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS in Korea for you to ensure smooth progress of your events. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETERS in Korea at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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