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With a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Mass Communications in Public Relations and Communication Policies, Clara possesses strong communication skills and is able to demonstrate excellent customer service skills. Clara likes meeting new people and engaging them in conversations about many different subjects. As a Talent Liaison, she is able to showcase such ability and makes her clients feel comfortable and at ease. This has not only allowed her to maintain close relationships with her current clients, but she is also capable expanding her client base through her professionalism and courteous attitude.

As a fun-loving and adventurous individual, Clara loves travelling and going on challenging excursions and exercises such as hiking. She also carries a huge passion in languages, and has stayed in South Korea for a year to complete her course in Korean Language. Now, not only is she proficient in Korean, she is also in the midst of learning Japanese.

  Korean Interpreters in Korea

As a jovial extrovert, it is also not uncommon to see and hear Clara sharing her experiences, thoughts and opinions with her fellow colleagues to encourage and provide them with possible solutions to the similar problems faced in their course of work.

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KOREAN INTERPRETERS in Korea are increasingly demanded in the market. With the booming of national economy and the sweeping spread of its pop culture around the world, South Korea should be an exciting market for any ambitious company. KOREAN INTERPRETERS in Korea contribute to improving connections between Korea and other places around the world. Since South Korea values its tradition and culture, the interpreters must be familiar about Korean culture so that they can bridge the cultural differences especially when the other language is one of western languages. Qualifies KOREAN INTERPRETERS in Korea should live up to the following requirements:

  ● They must be professional and well-trained interpreters who masters interpretation skills.
  ● They must know about the differences between Korean culture and the culture of the other language to avoid causing discomfort to the clients.
  ● They must be experienced interpreters with good reputation in the industry.

Here at Elite Asia, we can find top KOREAN INTERPRETERS in Korea to help you open up Korean market or improve the client's’ experience in foreign countries on both formal and informal occasions. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our KOREAN INTERPRETERS in Korea at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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