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We value our clients’ feedback and will proactively improve our service delivery by listening attentively. Through understanding what our clients expect from us, we implement processes to shorten turnaround time, reduce costs and improve on delivered quality. Our feedback channels such as the below CLIENT SERVICE SATISFACTION SURVEY and providing contact information of the management online ensure we do not overlook what our clients have to say. This has also allow us to promptly resolve any issues which in turn help us to build strong and lasting client relationships.

If you have recently use our services, please spare us a moment to fill out the below CLIENT SERVICE SATISFACTION SURVEY.

If you have yet to use our services, why wait? Find out for yourself today! Call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form to receive an obligation free quotation and be ‘wowed’ by our service team.

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You can get more responses from your clients if you provide multilingual client service satisfaction survey in your respondents’ own language.
In Elite Translations Korea, our primary reason to exist is for our clients. We value the relationship we have with them and will act for their benefit. By giving before we take and going the extra mile, our clients depend on us to consistently deliver the quality they have come to trust. We are ready to provide you with client references when requested and is confident of meeting your expectations. Call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form and we will revert with a cost-effective quotation promptly.

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