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Having majored in Applied Accounting and certified as an Accounting Technician, Christine, our Finance Executive, works to coordinate all finance-related activities in Elite Translations Korea, and at the same time ensuring that the corporate financial statements are in order and are free from error.

An independent and hardworking lady, Christine has always been cautious and organized in her work, even if it means for her to work under extreme pressure and rush for deadlines. Christine also never fails to put on a smile and tries her best at work. With a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic, Christine’s positive attitude towards everything allows her to take on any tasks with determination and passion.

  Financial Translation Service in Korea

Christine’s humor and laughter made her the most fun-loving person in Elite Translations Korea. Everyone loves to be around her as not only does she reflect a good-role model in Elite Translations Korea, she never fails in bringing fun-filled happiness to the office.

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FINANCIAL TRANSLATION SERVICE in Korea is a main branch in translation, which requires professional background to deal with specialised terms. Due to the nature of financial text, it is essential to faithfully and correctly convey the meaning of the text. In addition, the translator must keep consistent when handling financial terms. FINANCIAL TRANSLATION SERVICE in Korea is provided in almost all the translation agencies. However, it does not mean that financial translation is an easy task.

At Elite Asia, we provide professional FINANCIAL TRANSLATION SERVICE in Korea to help our clients promote their businesses to a larger market. All the translators we select are experienced in financial field or possess related degree. In order to ensure the quality of our FINANCIAL TRANSLATION SERVICE in Korea, we have proofreaders to check the translation to avoid any mistake. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our FINANCIAL TRANSLATION SERVICE in Korea at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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