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Hailing from India, Meena have been living in Singapore with her family for the past 15 years. Meena’s passion in the Tamil language stemmed from her youth, as a result of positive and encouraging influences from her parents, who were themselves passionate readers of Tamil literary pieces and novels.

This strong passion is also one of the reasons behind Meena’s choice to become a linguist, rather than an accountant, even though she had first graduated from the Holy Cross College with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Accounting. In addition, Meena’s husband also played a pivotal role in her becoming of a linguist, by recognizing her strong passion and skills in the language, and by encouraging her to do even more with her talent. With that, Meena saw herself grew over the years as a linguist, becoming increasingly confident about her language skills, and her strengths in the language being recognized by the media industry, allowing her to take on several projects that allowed her to make great use of her language skills in areas such as script-writing, editing and hosting.

  Professional Tamil Translators in Korea

More than that, Meena’s language capabilities are also very much recognized within the translation and interpreting industry, with Meena being the go-to translator whenever Elite Asia have a Tamil translation project.

Quoting a comment from our project team:

“We do not have to worry if the [translation] work is assigned to Meena…it will be done without missing a comma or a full stop.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, Meena is continuously looking to learn new aspects of languages and gain new knowledge of the world so as to take her work to the next level.

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