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With a positive outlook and keen to accomplish success, Jamina valued the importance of studies. After completing her scholarship term in a selective Senior High School, she never stops in pursuing her associate degree in Business Administration in Malaysia.

Jamina has completed thousands of projects from different Industries, extensively ranging from legal and technical documents to general subjects. With 5 years professional engagement in translation industry, including her employment as an in-house translator in one of the leading multinational research companies in Jakarta, Indonesia enabled her to gain a strong foundation on this field. Her close collaboration with agencies in countries such as Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, India, Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, United States, and Netherlands, proves that she can considerably provide a quality and reliable end–results. She has also stretched her thorough capabilities in proofreading, subtitling, and interpreting services which also turn out to be a success.

  Professional Indonisia Translators in Korea

Providing translation and interpretation is not merely a profession for Jamina but rather a great passion to perform. Having a strong focus when it comes to quality on anything her hands and brains works on and being perfectionist on every detail creates an outstanding outcome. She is blessed with a fast skimming and typing skills, excellent learning curve, and responsible personality that drive her to be a deadline-committed person. Jamina always keep in her mind that the quality of work and action speaks louder than words and promises.

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