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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Mita is a linguist at heart. Born into a family history of writers and poets, she is also the great grand-daughter of the Royal Court Poet of Dhangadhra (a province in the state of Gujarat, India), who had more than 20 books written by him. His literary works are widely circulated up till this date.

  Professional Hindi Translators in Korea

Fascinated by languages since her schooling days, Mita is fluent in three languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati. Mita also attained fluency in Bahasa Indonesia, which she had acquired while living and working there for five years as the English editor of a monthly magazine for the International Women’s Club. She currently teaches the Mother Tongue language to foreign students based in Korea.

Mita believes that for any language to be effectively translated, we have to be aware of the nuances which come along with different cultures. Even amongst native English speakers, there are wide variances as to acceptable translations of ideas and thoughts. If these nuances are not interpreted properly, the resulting translation may lose its original intent.

A mother of two beautiful daughters, Mita has inculcated the love of language early in both of them. Her elder daughter was recently selected as a short story writer for a book compiled by the Korea Press Holdings, in aid of the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Mita has travelled widely and has spent a considerable amount of time in America, Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. She is a firm believer of travelling; for that’s where she could widen her horizons and see the world in her greatest and most magnificent splendor.

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