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Born in Sichuan, China, Helen migrated to Guangzhou more than 10 years ago. Holding a Double Degree (Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics) from the South China Normal University, Helen has more than eight years of experience in doing English to Chinese language translation. Helen also delves intensively into Chinese copywriting in various fields, such as: Business, Marketing, Education, Law and Cross-Cultural Communication.

Helen has a long list of credentials to her name, justifying her excellent command of both English and Chinese languages. She is also internationally recognized by institutes all over the world through these accolades:
1) Certificate of English Examiner for CET 6 Test (also known as College English Test)
2) Certificate of Mandarin Oral Examiner
3) Translator at Level II, certified by CATTI (also known as China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters. Level II is higher than Level III)

  Professional Chinese Translators in Korea

Apart from translating corporate documents related to the fields mentioned above, Helen also specializes in handling translation assignments in various sectors such as Medical, Beauty and Wellness and Automation. Some of Helen’s more prominent clients include Ford, Nestlé, DBS, Bank of China, P & G, Intel, GreenPeace and Chanel.

Having a heart which strives for excellence since young, coupled with her unquenchable passion for the Chinese language, Helen puts her heart and soul fully into every assignment given to her. She believes that this discipline was the root motivation for her and saw her through while she was pursuing her Double Degree program. This value instilled within her also accounts for her dedication and efficiency when it comes to handling her translation/copywriting assignments, resulting in greater client satisfaction derived from all her clients by far.

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