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With greater interaction between professionals around the globe, there is an increase in demand for Technical Translation Services. Technical Translations require profound knowledge and mastery of the specific terminologies. Any errors in the translations for guides or user manuals may lead to dangerous situations for users. To ensure the accuracy, precision and consistency of the translations, Elite Asia only uses translators with professional backgrounds in science, engineering and technology. A poor technical translation will undermine the corporate image and brand of your company that has been painstakingly built up.

There are several different types of technical documents that Elite Asia can provide accurate Technical Translation Servicesfor, such as Assembly Guides, Instruction Guides, Product Guides and Maintenance Guides.

Elite Asia provides Technical Translation Servicesfor several languages, which include German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Technical Translation Servicesmay vary greatly in its level of complexity. It may require a clear-cut translation with many commonly used chemistry terms or it may be a knotty translation for the assembly of industrial equipments. That is why ELITE Translation Asia asks from our clients a copy of the work that they need to translate so that we are able to quote them a price based on the source document’s complexity. You can be assured that you are not paying for a translation at a price that is for a more complicated document.

Our translators possess the relevant professional technical experiences that will enable them to make a sound translation. Many of our translators possess the applicable engineering degree, be it electrical engineering, computer engineering or other engineering fields. Our project leaders will assign the project to the translator that has the most relevant professional experience to ensure the quality of the translation.

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It is better to leave technical translations to the experts, as there will be serious repercussions to poor technical translation such as system failure or damaged equipment. Not only does a technical translator possess an intimate knowledge of the source and target language, he must also know the ins and outs of the subject matter and its jargons.

At Elite Asia, we have a team of tried and tested technical translation experts for Asian and European languages, which includes engineers, physicists, mathematicians, actuarial scientists, pharmacist, as well as other industry specialists.

For Technical translations, its repetitive character makes it easy for our translator to use computer-assisted translation, word database to carry out the translation in a faster pace. Our experienced translators will maintain a large terminology database in their industry which builds up through years of translation. This in turn allows them to speed up the whole translation process with high consistency and accuracy of the terminology.

Translation memory software saves translated texts in a database and translators will make used of these texts when new material is being translated. The software divides the source document into small phrases, also known as “segments”. When the technical translator translates a text, the software will prompt the translator with a suggested segment from a previous translation. It is different from machine translation as the whole process still heavily relies on the discretion of the translator for the choice of words based on different context. These programs facilitate the translation process without compromising on the quality of the translation.

To find out more on how computer-assist-tools can facilitate your translation needs without incurring additional cost, please feel free to call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form.

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