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In a world where shipping costs decrease with the advancement of technology, the typical consumer has greater access to foreign goods. These goods may come with an instruction manual, which must be in a language that the potential customer understands. To reach out to a wider audience, many companies, no matter big or small, may want to use Manuals and Guides Translation Services.

There are different types of technical documents that Elite Asia can provide accurate Manuals and Guides Translation Services for, such as Instruction Guides, Assembly Guides, Product Guides and Maintenance Guides.

Manuals and Guides Translation Services vary greatly in its level of complexity. It may be a clear-cut translation for a simple cookbook or it may be a knotty translation for the assembly of industrial equipments. That is why ELITE Translation Asia asks from our clients a copy of the work that they need to translate so that we will be able to offer a package fee based on the source document’s complexity. You can be assured that you are not paying for a translation at a price that is for a more complicated document.

Our translators possess the relevant technical background that will be able to make a sound translation. Many of our translators have the relevant engineering degree with years of industry experience, be it electrical engineering, computer engineering or other engineering fields. Our project leaders will assign your project to the translator that has the most relevant professional experience so as to ensure the quality of the translation.

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For translations of Manuals and Guides, there may be many graphs and charts which are in jpeg format. These graphs and charts often contain words that need to be translated. To insert the translations into the graphs and charts, you will require professional typesetting services. Some of the software that most of the typesetters use is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop. After the text translation, our professional typesetter will insert the jpeg file with new translations in a way that the original design and layout is retained.

To enquire more about Elite Asia’s Manuals and Guides Translation Services, please feel free to call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form.

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