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Japanese is largely the only language spoken by members of the world’s third largest economy, Japan. At Elite Translations Korea, JAPANESE TRANSLATION SERVICES are a major part of our business. All ENGLISH TO JAPANESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES are undertaken by a specially selected team. They undergo a stringent recruitment process and must have at least five years experience in Japanese translation.

Many Japanese companies have an established presence in Korean countries, which could be seen by the high percentage of requests for JAPANESE TRANSLATION SERVICES. Our Japanese translators specialize in a specific industry or field such as medical, engineering, industrial or marketing. Having worked with this team for many years, we have total trust in them to provide efficient JAPANESE TRANSLATION SERVICES that do not compromise on quality. Our translators dependably provide accurate translations without being exorbitant.

At Elite Translations Korea, we will ask from you information on the context which the document is based on to determine the document’s purpose, its intended customers, and the tone of approach so that we can assign a Japanese translator that is most suitable for the job.

Sometimes clients may forget to ask important questions that may affect the quality of the translation. Will the ENGLISH TO JAPANESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION be proofread before being released? Can the Japanese script be viewed and has my agency briefed me on potential character recognition issues? What support mechanisms are in place to serve each customer? You can leverage on Elite Translations Korea’s knowledge bank to provide you with expert guidance.

If you have frequent written dealings with companies in Japan, or are faced with Japanese documents in the technical, commercial or academic fields, Elite Translations Korea can help you make the ENGLISH TO JAPANESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES you receive fuss-free and quick. Call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up our web form now!

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As a language spoken by the global technology leader, the Japanese, Nihongo (Japanese) remains an important language for business, science, culture and entertainment. Japanese is spoken by 130 million speakers today. In 2010, it was the fourth most used language on the Internet, with 99.1 million users.

Even without physically being in Japan, you can still have a virtual presence as online usage is very high. One of the examples is when an organization or individual decides to use reliable ENGLISH TO JAPANESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES to translate their website or blog. This ensures that information on your product or service is available on regional search engines and is readable to a whole new market of potential customers. At Elite Translations Korea, we can help you with such translations for new media while ensuring your brand message is maintained.

In Japanese translation, extra care must be given to the tone of the document, taking into context the appropriate way of address to a recipient. Polite or formal written Japanese varies so much from casual Japanese that it has been called a different language. It is important for the translator to use their discretion and knowledge of the culture when positioning your document’s message.

If you are enquiring on JAPANESE TRANSLATION SERVICES or if you are choosing a regular and trustworthy JAPANESE TRANSLATIONS provider, call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up our web form .

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