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Even though ELITE Translations is able to handle highly specialized translations from various languages, we do not fail to provide fast and inexpensive GENERAL TRANSLATIONS SERVICES for our biggest client base. For more straight forward translations, especially those for general commercial or personal use, what our clients look out for are fast turnaround time, prompt service and reasonable rates. In Elite Asia, we are able to provide all of these three key qualities that you deserve.

Upon receiving the enquiries through the email, we will call the customer within one working day. This is for us to know more about what you need for your translations. When we finalize the details with the customer, we will immediately send the document for translation. After the translated document is sent back to us, we will get back to the customers immediately. By dispatching the relevant documents as soon as we receive it, we allow the relevant parties to work on it as soon as possible.

Our GENERAL TRANSLATIONS SERVICES also have one of the most competitive rates in the market. Our large pool of translators allows us to be less dependent on individual translators and enable us to choose the most economical yet effective translator for your project. Also, we provide bulk discounts for large projects. We are able to quote you a lower price as our administration costs for handling such projects are proportionately lower as compared to small projects. Such costs savings will be passed on to our clients.

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In history, translation is first dated before interpretation.

The concept of word for word translation is flawed. This is because for every language, many words may have more than one meaning. The other end of spectrum for translations is paraphrasing. It is a dynamic form of translation that allows the translator to use his own perception to include and exclude certain wording in the text. However, the original meaning of the translations may be lost.

In Elite Asia, our GENERAL TRANSLATIONS SERVICES will not be too literal or too liberal. Depending on the text and target audience, we will find the right balance of paraphrasing and literal translating so that your message can be relayed in the most appropriate way to your target audience.

To enquire about ELITE ASIA’s GENERAL TRANSLATIONS SERVICES, call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form today.

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