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ENGLISH TO CHINESE and CHINESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION SERVICES are our forte as Elite Translations Korea has been offering these services since 1990. Through the years the number of projects we have undertaken has increased and we have become a reputable Chinese translation agency in Singapore. At Elite Translations Korea, our team of highly qualified Chinese to English language specialists can provide you with our services, including:


We also cater to our clients’ diverse requirements including onsite transcription and a course on Business Chinese suited for full-time employed executives and managers.

Elite Translations Korea will be able to preserve the original meaning of the source document even if the completed translations produce an extended or shortened document. Your message will be replicated in the targeted languages, and will be understandable to global English-speaking or Chinese-speaking audiences.

If you want to translate accurately into Chinese, such as for important documents like business cards or corporate histories, our experienced team of tertiary-educated English to Chinese translators will provide you with accurate ENGLISH TO CHINESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES. In addition, we also have many years of experience handling client documents ranging from legal letters, marketing material, brochures, and certifications to applications, making us open to many forms of enquiries.

We do not use colloquial Chinese, but formal, contemporary Chinese suitable for most purposes such as in governmental, legal or commercial usage. Informal Chinese is only used if it is required in scripts or live translation services.

At Elite Translations Korea, we have the human resources and expertise to provide you with professional translators in English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation or interpretation. We are able to deliver small projects to large documents quickly. You can call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form to find out more.

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Chinese is fast becoming one of the most important lingua franca of the world, following the rise of China in the global economy. It is widely spoken in East Asia and is a widely used language in Singapore. Chinese is getting popular in North America and has served as a second language for most parts of Asia, making it the native language for nearly 1.6 billion people. It is a complex language that combines pictorial and phonetic rules and structures. Yet for those who master it, the rewards are great when being able to converse and communicate fluently in this rich language and with its peoples.

Mastery however takes years of dedicated study. If your needs are more urgent, then a reliable ENGLISH TO CHINESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICE is essential for your ongoing business or commercial operations.

Historically, the Chinese language has undergone a major change in the 20th century, and now has Traditional and Simplified versions. When engaging ELITE ASIA’s CHINESE TRANSLATION SERVICES, it is important to specify to us which version you require.

Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, while Simplified Chinese is used in China and Singapore.

To enquire about ELITE ASIA’s ENGLISH TO CHINESE (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES, call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form . Your satisfaction and favorable testimony is our ultimate goal.

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