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It is vital to get accurate ENGLISH TO BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY and BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION SERVICES if you are dealing with countries in South East Asia. At Elite Translations Korea, we have a team of professional native Bahasa Melayu / Malay translators who are proficient in the jargons of different industries. Each translator specializes in certain areas such as legal, financial, medical and education. Officially endorsed documents are also frequently needed for translations from and to Bahasa Melayu / Malay. At Elite Translations Korea, we are able to provide translator-certified documents upon request.

Learning Malay as a second or third language does not equate to possessing the relevant skills for translating. Our translators possess strong knowledge of the cultural background of both ENGLISH and BAHASA MELAYU, which will enable them to capture the nuances of the document.

We offer ENGLISH TO BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES, as well as interpretation, transcription, voice-over and multilingual search engine optimization according to the needs of your document, project or event.

The types of documents we have worked on are birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas and transcripts. Other projects completed include novel translations, market expansion advertisements, speeches, scripts and localized user manuals.

Elite Translations Korea is dedicated to responding to you quickly with your translations, but not before letting each translation pass through a stringent proof-reading process. Our clients can attest that we are the reliable choice for your ENGLISH TO BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION needs. Call us at +65 6681 6717 or use our web form .

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People may confuse Bahasa Melayu / Malay with Indonesian because there are many similarities; a Bahasa Melayu / Malay speaker would be able to be understood up to 60% of what a Bahasa Indonesia speaker says. Bahasa Melayu is the official language of the Brunei Darussalam and is one of the four official languages in Singapore. In greater South East Asia, it is estimated to be spoken by 40 million people daily.

Like many other Asian languages, good ENGLISH TO BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES may require a level of sensitivity and discretion from the translator, because of the need to adhere to proper salutations and the need to be aware of cultural differences. At Elite Translations Korea, you can be assured that our translators will put themselves into the clients’ shoes. They are able to accurately translate to and from Bahasa Melayu / Malay while keeping in mind your business needs, and will choose the most appropriate word forms to create easily-understood documents.

In essence, this means our ENGLISH TO BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES will be done by translators championing your needs and purposes. The finished product will be able to satisfy you in terms of quality and turnaround time. If you wish to start a long-term profitable relationship with us as your BAHASA MELAYU / MALAY (VICE VERSA) TRANSLATION SERVICES provider, call us at +65 6681 6717 or fill up our web form .

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