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As an Interactive Media Specialist, David plays a vital role in providing timely and effective IT support to the whole of Elite Translations Korea, and at the same time, he is also managing the online marketing activity for all of Elite Translations Korea’s companies in the region, ensuring and verifying network functionality and smooth system performance. As Elite Translations Korea continues in its phase of regional expansion and business development, David’s IT capabilities also aids in the planning, execution, and management of the various online marketing campaigns alongside the Marketing department.

Since his graduation from Chungju National University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in South Korea, David continuously enriches and updates himself with information on new IT trends and tools, so as to boost Elite Translations Korea’s competitive edge in the industry.

  IT Translations in Korea

A Korean and currently stationed in Seoul, his passionate and friendly character has allowed him to stay closely connected with his fellow colleagues in other branches of Elite Translations Korea. With the support of David and his efficient work ethics, Elite Translations Korea is hence able to enjoy safe and smooth network and connection as we work.

For more information on how our service can benefit your business, do drop us a note via our web form or call us at our office at +65 6681 6717 today.

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IT TRANSLATION in Korea is short for Information and Technology Translation, which is a surging branch in translation in recent years and will keep the momentum in the foreseen future. It is agreed that IT TRANSLATION in Korea consists of translation in sensor technique, communication technique and computer technique, all of which have a huge number of professional terminologies. Therefore, IT translators had better possess some IT background so that they can fully understand the source text. There are some requirements for IT TRANSLATION in Korea:

  ● It should be professional and accurate. The translators must have knowledge of the terminology so that they can translate in standardized language.
  ● It emphasizes the updating of knowledge due to the fast-changing feature of IT industry.
  ● MIt should be concise and precise. Language with redundancy may cause ambiguity and weaken the professionalism and credibility.
  ● It should be concise and precise. Language with redundancy may cause ambiguity and weaken the professionalism and credibility.

In conclusion, IT TRANSLATION in Korea is by no means an easy job. Here at Elite Asia, we can find the best IT translators to help you to acquire more advanced technologies or promote your IT startups. Feel free to contact us to request for more information on our IT TRANSLATION in Korea at +65 6681 6717 or feel free to use our web form .

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